Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drowning duck weather LOL

See how nice it looks here, so deceiving LOL See the person standing on the "bridge"? We had three beautiful overcast, breezy, but not to cold days, so I cant complain to awful much.

Sunday when we had to get ready to go home, it rained so hard, all day. You can see that same bridge in the distance, and why it is needed LOL they had to build motes around the barn so that it wouldnt come inside! All this wet rain makes for grummpy kids and parents while packing up!

That mote is probably a foot deep in the middle.

And this bridge, wasnt much good LOL you couldnt get to it without walking through 6 inches of water! I didnt even want to get out of the truck with the camera because it was raining so hard! I was getting ready to go across the street and hook the horse trailer back up, which by the way was in its own huge puddle, about 2 inches or so deep and mud! Got it hooked up with help from Carissa's dad Steve, Thank You Steve!!. I was wet from the hips down! Because thats as long as my raincoat is! and about 10 inches up from the ground! Hey I have lived in Washington almost all my life and I have webbed feet, but this was ridiculous!! It rained hard enough to drown ducks! The weather said that we were supposed to get a half and inch of rain! but I think there was a lot more than that!
This weekend it is supposed to be 75 again and 80 on Monday! Woo Hoo! Oh that means that there is a lot of work to do outside (((sigh))) But at least it will be warm!!!! maybe it will dry out enought to till the garden too! Hey maybe I will even ride my horse! And maybe get Meghan to take some pics LOL I love Spring!


  1. I won't complain about my mudd any more , we don't get rain like that!

  2. LOL ya FV it was a wet wet day! I'd still complain about the mud LOL


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