Saturday, April 18, 2009

I actually got to get out and ride Emma today! Meghan had drill practice and it was at our friend and farriers house and he has a huge outdoor arena, so I decided to take Emma and ride a little. It was a nice sunny beautiful day, and dummy me forgot my camera, I was so mad at myself, all the horses out in the sunshine would have made some good picture taking opportunities. But I forgot it, and missed out on the opportunity :( We passed 3 cows that were out on our way there, all black Angus, go figure! The girls had a good drill practice, we go back on Tues for another drill practice, and I will remember that darn camera!! This was the second time I got on Emma this year, she was pretty good despite being in heat and talking to everybody((rolls eyes))) she is such a hussy when she is in. I did a lot of circling on her out in the grassy field while the girls practiced drill, I forgot my spurs too, but she was fine, I use an angled spur that has a ball on the end, Meghan has a pair too, I wont use sharp rowels! I had a good ride and I will probably feel muscles that I forgot I had tomorrow! Rode her in the arena a little bit, and Meghan got on her for a few minutes too. I want to keep riding more this spring and summer!!

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