Thursday, April 2, 2009

John and Meghan, more hummers...

It has been over a year since we've seen my oldest, our son John. This is when he was home last, in Jan of last year, before I got sick and went through all that.
Here Meghan is trying to be tall standing next to her brother LOL she is 5'2 3/4", little midget LOL John is 6'3+, He is over a foot taller than she is! ( John and Saras Father is 6'4") Meg didnt have a chance, my mom is 5"2 and Hubbys mom was 5'4, Hubby is 6', and I am 5'6+, so I am not short, but Meghan must be a throwback LOL LOL

She just comes up to his shoulder! These were quick pictures with my cell phone camera, when he showed up we were on our way out the door to my company Xmas party an hour and a half away. We made up for it later and had a good visit. He had called Grandma to pick him up at the airport, to surprise us. This was also the first time I seen him in his Air Force fatigues, LOL or whatever you properly call them,( correct me Sara)
He grew up a lot, and has a secure presence now. Hard to believe he turned 24 in Feb. Its funny how after basic they all stand with their hands behind their back. Sara does it too, even when out of uniform. John is in Maryland now working in the Air Force for the NSA. He seems happy, bought a car, and doing a lot of stuff.

And..... I think Fat David/Davida is back! this one looks like the one from last year, and lands in the same spot in the tree.

And as close up as I could get of the bird all fluffed up from the cold. This one was real green on its back, thats why I think its Fat David. Even not fluffed up its a round fat little thing.


  1. Some habits die hard, my son was in the Saudi war, and even today at 38 he still stands and walks army.

    My Dad was in the navy,during wwll, he walked all his life like he was on board and rolling ship. You made me miss him. What a nice memory.


  2. Hah! Fat David is cute! You've got good-looking kids. You must be so proud :)

    My hubby is 6'2, I'm 5'11 and my kids.....are growing like skyscrapers! My 12 yr old twin sons shoes are bigger than mine and my 6 yr old daughter is mistaken for an 8 yr old. lol!


  3. Lisa, Wow ya your kids will be tall LOL My other daughter is 5'10 so when we are all together Meg feels real short LOL

  4. HeHe ok mom no its not fatigues. that uniform is the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) but they are geting fazed our for our new ABUs which are grey and look more like the armys grey uniforms.

  5. Sara LOL I knew you would help Mom with the right venacular LOL


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