Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Almost time for Senior Prom...

This is the pattern for her dress. The color is similar to the green in my blog background, she will have a fuchsia sash and shoes and fuchsia rose with pick rhinestones necklace. Meghan says she needs to seek help for her pink and green fetish LOL. The dress is still being made, but will be done in time. Each little gather, in the tiers, will have a button with a rhinestone in it. They are going to do three tiers. She is excited! They are going to a fancy place downtown Portland OR I am excited for her, she should have a lot of fun! Pictures and all, will be posted Sat or Sun.


  1. She will look beutiful !!! such a lovely pattern.I think the colors will be perfect!
    I see a proud Momma having amoment this weekend!

  2. Very pretty! I made my daughters prom dresses, way back then I did a lot of sewing. Worked in an alterations shop and did custom sewing for others at home.
    Can't wait to see the finished dress and prom pictures!!!

  3. I have just the sorority for Meghan to join: Delta Zeta sports the colors of pink and green. I admit that I wanted to be a DZ because of their colors, but ended up joining a sorority of gold and white.

  4. Beautiful dress and colors...can't wait to see the pics; she will look beautiful. Brings back the memories from my kids prom; they always had sooo much fun :-)

  5. Those colors aught to be beautiful on that pattern. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.


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