Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday ramblings....

The early Rhodi is blooming, I went outside with my camera today and played around. I even got out the tripod a played with the zoom and other features.

A birdsnest that fell out of the Fir tree, probably knocked out by the Stellers Jays, they will kill baby Robins. The nest is pretty big, about 4 inches in the middle and 6 across to the outside and about that deep.

And old frog out near the birds nest. Its time to do spring cleaning! Since I was unable to do any at all last year.
He is behind an old tooth harrow that is leaning against the fir tree.

Meghan washed the old truck, it is now a nice white and blue color instead of green moss over white with blue LOL. Hubby is driving this to work now, the Forerunners engine died, and the camper is on the F350 so he gets to drive the old truck, she is a 1985 F250 diesel, and what I used to haul the horse trailer with. The engine will be replaced in the Forerunner, but it is in pieces in the garage right now.

The "you missed a spot" inspection by Dad.

This is what Luxor did all day, he played with Meghan and when he wasnt playing he was lounging LOL he was having a good time being outside.
I did a cool photo shoot of him I will post later.

And it must be Spring or something!
The middle brother showed up on his bike, out enjoying the sunshine.

I think he likes riding his bike LOL they bought it last year.

It is pretty, it used to be owned by a local radio celeb, it has pretty purple flames on the tank. I have no idea what it is, those things go in one ear and out the other LOL unless it is about horses LOL

Mickey keeping an eye on me while I was in the front yard.

Bears in the Daffodils

The girls enjoying the sun.

I told you I was playing with my camera, I liked the look of the tangled tree trunks, and moss, moss everywhere this time of year, you would think we lived in a wet part of the country LOL

OK so I posted this one twice, LOL I do like to take pics of my girls. They seemed very content today and loved being out in the sun!

And Emma, still in the process of shedding out. She will get lighter when she sheds out all the way.

And this is my happy frog!! he makes me smile every time I go by him! He is out by the fish pond, that is the netting and the trees reflected in the water behind him.
And that is some of my Sunday ramblings, pics from around the place and enjoying the sunshine! It is supposed to be 80+ on Monday!! I will see if I can finish tilling the flower garden and spending more time outside!!


  1. Thanks for your kind words , your friendship and support means alot. Great photos! It looks so warm and wonderful there!

  2. Oh its getting green. Thanks for your concern. I am here. I am getting caught up on life. Looks like you are keeping busy.


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