Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Drill practice and another absolutly glorious day!

I love QH butt shots LOL, oops there is one Arab in there, the grey. The girls are getting ready for another WAHSET meet this coming weekend, we leave again on Thursday. To Tumwater and the Trails End again.

on the left is Meghan making her turn and on the right is Tori.

Down the wall, Meg is in the middle. It was so dusty tonight in the arena, it really needs water! and it is bark dust do it is chunky dust.

The weave, corner to corner, Meghan is on the far left coming towards us.

More weave.
Its so cool when they come by in a line like this, all that horseflesh!!

Practicing the circle, with the coach in the middle, they keep having lopsided circles, but the spacing has been good, although it isnt here.

It was so warm tonight, Easy got a warm water bath! It was so nice! Easy is having her spring skin problem again. She has really sensative skin. It is like rain rot fungus, she has a few little bare spots on her back, its from all the sweat and the rain blankets and not drying out too, wonderful Washington wet, rain rot is really common here. I have been spraying her saddle blanket with Lysol, to kill the fungus there. She is the kind of horse if she gets left out in the rain, she will break out with the fungus. I think it has a lot to do with her age and immunity too.

She is looking pretty good though, been giving her some extra alfalfa, and Meghan can tell the difference when she rides! Easy is full of it!
I didnt get any outside pics today but it was another glorious 73 degrees today! I vacuumed the camper and got it ready to go, just have to pack clothes and food! and we are ready. WAHSET meet #3 here we come!
State meet the weekend of the 15th of May, the Drill Team is going! It is in Pasco WA, at the Trac. One more month and we will be done :(

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  1. Poor Easy with her fungus. Panama gets sweet itch in the warmer months. This year I'm going to have to try something new so that he doesn't rub his tail again. He keeps rubbing off the top white layer of hair, which is disappointing because it's so pretty when it's long!


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