Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WAHSET meet #3 day four Drill day!

This team was really cute, sorry the first pic is blurry but its the only one I took that shows the crab claws LOL yes crab claws, their theme song was Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid. One horse was the crab and the other Ariel the mermaid.

They braided a lot of red yarn into that horses hair! and the white spot on the crab horse is actually eyes! I tried to get a pic of them, they were so funny, but I am obviously still having problems with the dark indoor photos and the movement blur.

This was the best one I took of the mermaid tail LOL sparkly blue and all LOL
And the crab legs along side on the one horse. The costumes were really cute and being the last meet, they seemed to be a lot more elaborate too.

A close up of the Drill breastcoller. Bev one of the grandmas took the plain black ones and decorated them all, including the bridle and the noseband for the tie down.

She also made the saddle covers and these boot covers to match, she did a really good job.

This team was cute too, Fred and Wilma Flintstone, see the white rock necklace ? LOL They also had really finished their costumes, and rode to the theme song Bedrock, from the Flintstones movie.

These guys are just so gorgeous, I just love them. Left to right: Steel and Carissa, Lena and Tori (she is behind the palominos head) Parker and Braeman, and Meghan on Easy.

And finally the drill video, if you know anything about drill, and probably if you dont, you can see they had a major meltdown this run. The girl on the smutty palomino chose to ride him because her other horse has been trying to flip over in the entrance and they are scared to have him start in drill, although he does fine once he is through the gate. So it was a safety call on their part. But the palomino is only 6 and still pretty green, and as you can see had some issues. So it is what it is.
I tried to download the working fours routine and the Tumwater drill, but for some reason they will not upload, I waited over an hour for each of them and they will not finish, soo I will try again later to get them on here.


  1. Actually, I've seen quite a few different drill team perform and I thought it was pretty darn good! Good choice of music too!

  2. Thanks Callie, they have worked hard! Check out the video from meet #2, that is a really good one!


    Sorry I havnt figured out how to post links :( even with help I havnt gotten it to work, this should be the address to the post with the 2nd meet drill on it!


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