Monday, April 6, 2009

Glorious Spring Day!

The fish were even up sunning themselves today! I lost 8 big fish this winter when the pond stayed frozen for so long, there are 11 out there now, so it wont be so crowded at least., there were way to many, and they will probably have more babies. They are only goldfish and comets.

Easy got a bath, she had the winter crud from being ridden and sweaty and not rinsed off, and a blanket being thrown on a damp horse. So she got a bath with regular shampoo and then with betadine solution in the water.

The kids just splatted out on the grass waiting for Easy to dry. Of course Easy loved it eating all that green grass!

Luxor was even out with them, David, Meghan, Luxor and Easy. Its hard to see David as he is laying flat LOL

Oh and I caught a great picture of the hummer!! You can sure tell he is a Rufus here. They were fighting and zinging by, man they are fast! and noisy arguing with each other. When we sit out on the patio in the summer sometimes they almost hit you as they zing past, makes you duck sometimes LOL They can be really obnoxious! LOL

And daffodils are so happy!

Emma and Mickey enjoying the sun, did I say it was 75 in the shade!

And Easy got turned out and got her roll, yes she got all the way over twice LOL There are white spots in the field where Emma has rolled, looks like a horse exploded LOL At least Easy rolled in a grassy spot!

All of my photos are usually straight off of the camara, not touched up at all.


  1. great pictures, great day in Washington!

    Now I'm thinking.. hmm the horses do need bath's. It's amazing how quickly they shed.


  2. Your photos are terific ! no touch ups needed!
    Looks wonderful, we are still mud and snow and goop , but the green will come

  3. Pretty photos! Especially the hummingbird shot. Looks like you, your kids, and your horses had a nice relaxing day out in the sun!

  4. I'm jealous, I can't wait to give my horse a bath! It needs to warm up a little more here though before I can do that.

  5. WoW...75 in the shade? We've yet to hit 70...but it's supposed to happen today!

    Really nice the lil' humming bird!

  6. Oh these are great Spring photos!! I love the little hummingbird and the bright yellow daffodils... all so beautiful!!


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