Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Hummers are back!!

He really is here really!

See there he is looking at me, we have Rufous hummingbirds up here, they say we have a few others but Rufous is all I have seen. I will get better picks as the weather warms up, this was zoomed in and through the kitchen window. The feeder is about 8 feet from the kitchen window. They were coming up to the window wanting their sugar water!

He was chasing off all the other Hummingbirds, feisty little guys. I hope the one we named Fat David comes back this year, although after reading about hummers it probably is a Fat Davida LOL it is really green with a white belly, and they said that is a female color.
Not to bad for a zoom in and he was about 20 feet away. He is really orange"rufous"colored and bright red throat patch. Boy can you hear them zinging around outside! I love Hummingbirds. I found out by reading a website that they feed on nectar but are really insect eaters. That glass medallion is about 4" across, and the dead Pampass grass behind him.


  1. My hummers are back too! And some ceder waxwings and titmice. And of course my Phoebe's!

  2. WOW! No freakin' way! I'm so envious! Where do you live again?

    If a hummer dared show his cute little face around here, first he'd be a frozen hummer...and then he'd be blown away by our 50+ mph wind gusts.

    Darn....I want hummers here. Hummers mean Spring is finally here. :(



  3. Hey Lisa, we are in SW Washington state! Ya they are in danger of being froze up here LOL we had snow in the upper elevations LOL 1100ft and up, ya I know its not very high, but where we are is only 98ft in elevation LOL still cold 39 at night and 50ish during the day.

    It does sound like spring! with all the bird noise outside, its funny how it is so quiet in the winter. We have Kildeer that nest on the property every year, they are noisy little things.

  4. Mine will be here soon also! Thanks for reminding me to get the feeders out and ready for the arrival!

  5. Aww, and I bet they really appreciate that sugar water to keep them warm and active right now :)



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