Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beautiful weekend, new gravel and 70 degrees Sunday!

I actually caught the hummer at the feeder! man are they fast! very hard to catch photos of sometimes.
I was absolutely a beautiful weekend, sunny and no rain or snow! Sunday it almost reached 70 degrees!
Last week #1 bro in law had a guy come in and blade the drive and bring in some more gravel.
We both live on the same property.
This is right in front of the house looking towards the road. The right side is the neighbors property.
Sunday all the gravel dried out and its great!
Looking the other way, they brought a roller in and rolled it to see if that helps with the pot holes, sure makes a nice finished product.
And Luxor running around with me.

And they did clear out to the barn! It is really nice, I usually park the horse trailer in front of the barn, when it isnt being used.
There was some gravel here but not much and it has been 6 years since it was put down, so it was all grown over with grass.

Can I say again how absolutely beautiful it was today! Just a strong breeze blowing, so we couldnt have a fire in the fire pit.
and the Daffodils are up everywhere, Spring is here! finally!


  1. It is alway nice to get the road straighted and graveled! Too bad it is so expensive to not get to do it every year isn't it? My girlfriend has got to throwing bricks in her pot holes and it works most of the time! :)

  2. Looking good around there! Bet it feels like you've got a brand new driveway.
    Good capture of the hummer, too. Not too blurry either.

    Enjoy your summery temps :)


  3. The potholes were terrible! we would fill them with gravel but the next time it rained it would start moving again. Ya he invested a lot about $3800. with all the tractor work! He got a pretty good deal. I dont know how many loads of gravel he brought out, probly around 6, and he had a 10yd truck. Thats about what we did last time we did it, but we didnt do the cat and roller work.

  4. hehe I have the same humming bird feeder!!! =)

  5. What an incredible blog you have and I love the title! I'm so jealous of your weather. It's cold here and below freezing and sleeting and the picture of your hummingbird made me jealous.

  6. Mountain Woman, thank you for the compliment on my blog! it still amazes me that I have something to show and say that other people are interested in!

    I ganna make you more jealous, its 75 degrees outside right now! Pm Mon.


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