Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gaming practice, and leaving Thursday!

Gaming practice was up at Windy Ridge Farm again, the weather held off just long enough for the girls to go up on the race track to practice poles and key hole. Here we are walking up the hill next to the arena to watch.

Meghan and Easy up on the track. They used to train race horses here. There was a neat bell on the fence to simulate the race start bell, I didnt get a pic of it.

Meghan and Carissa getting the talk by the Coach, Larry. This man is a special person, he is 74 years old and has coached the WAHSET team since it started 3 years ago, and before that he coached all the 4-H ers, and did 4-H gaming with his granddaughters, who were in my 4-H club when I was a leader. He is special they are lucky to have him, and he has helped them tremendously! It is his horse Steel that Carissa is borrowing.

Meg getting the talk about the key hole race and how everyone is turning to the left, to far left in the circle so they are stepping on the line. He said "Think right" then turn left.

And the walk back down to the arena to unwind the horses and walk them out.

And back up to the track to practice poles.

Meg and Easy running poles. They are able to run them and really work on their turns up on the track it is all sand footing. The arena has been pretty wet, the roof leaked and then a gutter came loose and flooded one side, so they have to work slow in the arena.

More poles.

We were laughing at Meghan, she pulled her hood up over her helmet and it looked like she had a huge head.

This little thing at the top was just funny looking!
The rain was coming in and it was breezy, and she was cold.

Larry giving Emily a pep talk, her mare is lame, she is due to have her hock injected again, and she is way off. So she rode old Blaze. They had a horse Chiropractor out to look at Holly and he said it was down in the hock so thats why they said she needs another injection in her hock, they said that they only last 6 mo, and it has been 8 since she had the last one. I hope she gets better the two of them have been doing really well.

She is just making some witty comment here I am sure LOL and boyfriend David in the background on his cell phone.

And when we came back down to the trailer we spotted this little guy, and an ancient old pony.

He was cute, fuzzy little face, mini donkeys are so cute!

And after we got home Meg and David finished stuffing plastic Easter eggs with candy for the big Easter egg hunt that is planned for Sunday at the meet. Washougal team is going to host it! should be fun!
I wont be on again until Monday, no Wi-Fi up near where the meet is :( so I will have to plan some good posts for when we get back! See you then!


  1. Looks like the girls and ponies had some good prep work. Sure looks cold, though. The hoodie helmet made me giggle, too.

    Happy Easter. See ya when you get back. Have fun!


  2. You have fun, now you hear!


  3. The hoodie helmet was hilarious!

    What a great man you have to coach those girls.

    Its a rare thing to find a coach dedicated and not get paid!

    What a gem.


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