Monday, April 27, 2009

Old dogs....

Been busy this weekend, doing Prom shopping, a friend is making Meghans dress, a really formal one, Prom is Sat so I will get pics!! Went to dinner at Olive Garden Mon. night, yum yum!! oh may it was good! and brought enough home for a couple of lunches!.

Dog Eat Dog by Brian Andeson
I have put pics of Teddy up before, The Hubby found the most perfect cartoon strip that tells what he is going through in his old age.
Half the time he cant jump up on the chair or the couch LOL he gets such a look on his face when he "misses" sometimes he trys again and sometimes he goes elsewhere. Poor old dog, its not nice to laugh at him but he is so funny sometimes. A "little old Man" he snorts and sneezes and staggers around and licks things that get disgusting after hearing it for awhile LOL He is 14 years old now, and still in pretty good shape, he does have cataracts, which contribute to him "missing" Gotta love old dogs.


  1. That is a cute cartoon. My 11 year old dog is just starting to slow down a bit. I'll probably get her one of those doggy step blocks in a year or so. Teddy is adorable.

  2. thats funny, my Moms 16 year old Cocker does the same thing!!! Poor old guy...

  3. I think I am in love with Teddy!!

  4. Gotta love it!!!! Old dogs are so sweet and you just hate to seem them get to that stage, but they remind me of myself and are pretty much just like us, only furry! :)

  5. sweet ol' guy!He certainly is cute! Looks like a little fox!
    Thanks for the mane delima comment...I am loving the running braid too!


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