Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Countdown to State WAHSET meet....

Drill practice again! Meghan saddling up. When we got there it wasnt raining, while we were inside it started pouring, and didnt stop! Wet wet wet, I think we live in Washington LOL

Practicing spacing, that is what they worked on all night.

They want two horse spacing in the wheel.

The old lady watches everything.

Easy is looking pretty good, we added some alfalfa to her diet too.
Friday is the 1st of May, we head to Pasco Wa on the 14th, and they compete on the 15th in the late afternoon or evening. Then we will probably come home on Sat.
Meghan has Senior Prom on Sat the 2nd! I will try to get good pics.


  1. Sorry you are so wet , but I really enjoyed that blog. I could feel the determination in Megan, smell the sweat on the horse from from your picture! Work well done!

  2. Hope Meghans prom is wonderful for her , such a busy girl!

  3. Nice arena. Looks like the girls are doing well. Wow, prom is quite exciting. Sure hope your girl has a wonderful time.
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