Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meet #3 day three, gaming, food, and Easter eggs!

Meghan and Easy ready to go to the arena for gaming. The old mare is looking pretty good!
Pole run.


The Washougal raking crew, the schools take turns raking each event. Washougal raked for the keyhole race.
This is a show bill that was laying around. We laughed at the dress code " SHOW CLOTHES OPTIONAL, Boots and Bras required"

The show series is called the Naughty Nags series, I wonder if that had something to do with it LOL

Meghans last run of the night, barrels I think she got an 18.7. The District record was broken again by a Castle Rock girl, 14.2, smokin!! the record before that was a 14.7. a half a second faster!

This judge was OCD about raking and grooming the arena! He did it himself and took a long time doing it working it up with the arena rake and the Parma arena groomer too, made for nice ground, and it achieved his goal of breaking more time records this meet, I think one was set in the birangle too.

This was the last barrel for the run home. See the two little heads in front of me here, in the cowboy hat and the one to the right.

I snuck down so that I could get a picture of the teams cheerleaders LOL these girls are future WAHSET riders, as of now they are both in the sixth grade so they have a couple of years, but they will be good ones! They already are good with their horses in 4-H.
At one point they spent time cheering from every angle all around the arena! silly girls LOL

This area is down below the grandstands, it used to be stalls but now it is cute little shop areas for people to set up and have sales and stuff. There is one little shop that opens up on weekends that is down there year around. Above each area the store front look like an old western town. On the left you can see the door into the "Team Kitchen" we used one of these little rooms for the team food room. This year we have all been contributing to the food and it has helped a lot with food cost! And boy has it been good! Some of the dads got together and cooked pancakes, and ham and sausages for Easter breakfast Sunday morning. I of course was not awake enough to take my camera with me to get some pictures of them, darn it. There was also a big fresh fruit salad for breakfast too.

On Friday everyone got together to sing me happy birthday! and the team gave me a cute horse wind chime, they are so great! And my friend baked me a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! my favorite, it was great!

A lot of crock pot stuff, I bought a big can of sausage country gravy and baked biscuits (ahead of time) for one breakfast on Saturday. We have a Cash and Carry grocery/restaurant supply and a huge can of good gravy is $6, and I got a box of Krusteas biscuit mix and the biscuits were really good too, there were none left!

They did the ham in a crock pot, it was a spiral sliced one, turned out really good! and little smokies cheese sausages. We had baked potatoes one night with all the fixins, we were not hurting for food I tell ya LOL

Hot chocolate and granola bars and snack stuff too.
And the Easter Bunny came early on Sunday morning, Meghan was in charge of hiding all the Easter eggs, plastic eggs with candy inside. All of the teams contributed eggs, Meghan and one of the young girls counted all of them and there were over 2000 eggs!!!! LOL thats a lot of eggs to hide!
One of the last bunches that came in.
They hid all the eggs on Saturday night.

And hiding the eggs in the dark after finishing gaming at 11:30pm! I dont have any more Easter egg pictures cuz I am not a morning person LOL and I didnt get there in time to take pics LOL I did get in there for breakfast, but forgot the camera LOL

The Easter bunny came in the barn too! with Easter basket for everyone and carrots for the horses and apples. I hear one of the horses was dressed up as the Easter Bunny too LOL but again I am not worth a plug nickle in the morning and didnt get in the barn to get a picture of him! Castle Rock left big Easter team baskets for all to the teams in the barns, pretty fun. WAHSET has been a great bunch of people!! There are 8 schools and I believe around 300 participants! Washougals Team alone is 18 riders this year. And all the other schools are a lot bigger than us! Carissa the one who rides the grey in some of my pics got the gold medal for key race and Washougal team members earned at least 4 other medals that I know of, gold, silver and bronze. Which for our little school is awesome! Next meet is the State meet in Pasco WA, May 14th, and the drill team will be going along with all the other top 4-6 place winners, by points, depending on the event. All three meets are added up for the medals and State team placements.

It was a great meet and Washougal got the vote for the most sportsmanship with the egg hunt this meet and the movie night last meet!
Tomorrow I will post the working pairs pics and I have working fours video, man it is a fast kick ass pattern, and I will post the Drill video from this meet, they didnt have as good of ride as last meet though. until tomorrow.....

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