Monday, April 20, 2009

Luxor in monochrome color....

The sun whitewashed gravel and the black dog, I liked the texture and the tires behind him. Almost looks like I took them in black and white, except for those big brown eyes.

The texture of the gravel and tires just really appealed to me, the only color the brown dirt on the tires and Luxors eyes.

Texture and shadows.
David had wrecked his quad, and hurt himself, he broke his hand pretty good, had to have pins in it to heal right, that is one of the bent rims off of the bike.

big brown eyes....

And Luxors favorite position in the sun, wow does his black coat get hot too!


  1. Luxor is TOO cute! What a sweet face he has.

  2. what a cute pup! He has that typical " love me" Labrador face!

  3. What a gentle animal and that beautiful coat, how gorgeous it shines in the sun!! It's like velvet!


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