Sunday, November 30, 2008

mmmmm leftovers, Sara and Luxor

I made Turkey gravy yesterday and turkey noodle soup today. Hubby and I canned them up to have later. Well I cooked and helped pack the jars, he does the canning. We got 9 pints of gravy and 8 pints of soup.

We took Sara to the airport last night, we had a good visit. I will miss her, her and John seem so far away. Sara got the meet Luxor for the first time, and as he usually does he played and was a sweetie, he took full advantage of being able to wrestle with Sara. He always manages to slime you with his wet nose LOL.

Wanna share my bone??? huh its really good, I have it slimed up just perfect want some?
He is such a goof ball.


  1. wow! between this and the last post about your menu and all the goodies, I was wondering if you would like a house guest for, oh i don't know 3-5 years? lol
    Sounds like a lovely family holiday.

  2. What a great idea for the leftover turkey! :)
    Looks like Luxor and Sara had fun!

  3. Thanks for the comments, ya we have a good time, and always take extras! LOL

  4. Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. One thing I miss about our get-togethers is the beautifully set table and everyone actually sitting down for the dinner. And that turkey noodle soup sure does look good - yum!! And the bonfire - what a great idea. That sounds like a blast!!


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