Monday, November 10, 2008

First post is it this easy?

I have enjoyed reading other folks blogs, I dont know what may make me interesting enough to have my own blog, but here goes.

I live in SW Washington state on the WET side of the state, no the whole state isnt a rainforest. I am 41 years old, my husband and I have 3 kids, son 23, and two daughters 22 and 17. I grew up in this small mill town, my folks moved here when I was two years old. I married my husband in 1990. He was born here and we live in the house that his parents built the year he was born.

Mom got her first horse when I was two, and that started my love of horses. They bought me my first pony when I was 5, Gretchen a cute little silver dapple mare, unfortunatly she had a locking stifle problem so after a month or so they took her back. My next pony was Pepsi a little shetland/welsh chestnut with a thick wild mane, we usually kept it roached off it was so thick. I found out Pepsi died two years ago (06) at the ripe old age of 39, he had a wonderful last few years with the folks that had him at the time.

So thats how my horse career got started, with a pony. I have this want to go back and find pictures of all the horses I have had, I was going to do a scrapbook but hey, how about a virtual one?

Well then as this Blog progresses I will include all of my wonderfull four legged teachers in it.

Currantly we have three horses, Easy (aka Pines Bundle) a 23 year old QH mare that belongs to my middle daughter who in in the Air Force right now. Mickey a 19 year old QH/morgan mare of indescript breeding, who now has artheritis in both her front knees, much to my disappointment. And last but deffinetly not least, Emma (aka Emmas Dun Dreamin) 8 year old Appaloosa mare who is the character of the herd.

Unfortunatly I have the extra time now to do this because of medical reasons. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor on March 5th '08, and had surgery to remove it on the 7th, it was a succesfull surgery but has left me with physical deficites. I was in the hospital for two months and had a stomach tube for food. The surgery paralyzed my tongue for awhile, I no longer have the tube, and I have gained weight back so I think its working ok now LOL. I was in the hosp. so long because of my Blood pressure, or lack of it, I dont know how many medications they tried on me untill we found one that worked, not fun. I have balance issues and tend to fall, stray, lean, however you want to put it, to the left. If I get up fast I will run to the left, or if I bend over I will tend to have a problem when I stand back up. I have digestive problems, reflux, I dont think it is Acid reflux but still have to have all the tests done, yeck more docs. I had six weeks of radiation treatment of the tumor site, my tumor is called an ependymoma, and generally not a malignant type, it was a grade 2 tumor, and can come back. Its location was in the fouth ventricle on my brainstem, thus the tongue issues. Doc resected it 99% , so I hope I have quite a few years before any recurrance, if at all.

In 2002 I was hit head on by a drunk driver, and lifeflighted to the hospital, and spent 3 months in a wheelchair. My left arm and my left leg are titanium. So I have had enough of the school of hard knocks I hope I have passed or am passing all those tests now.

Well I can continue next with my next horse.........untill next time.

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