Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank you Vets

Thanks to all Vets and all who are serving today.
We have two of our children that are serving in the Air Force, our son John and our daughter Sara. I am so proud of them!

My father in law served in the Navy, on the Bon Hom Richard

My Grandfather served in the Navy on the USS Daniels

My dad served in the Army

I was going to go on about my horses I have had and ridden in the past, but I have a trip to make to my moms to scan and go through some pics first, I want a pic to go with a name, and some good memories to! so that will be a work in progress as I go.
here is a list of names I want to start with, this list may change as I get reminded of friends I may have temporarily forgot :(

Gretchen, Pepsi, Silkey,Rocket, Joe (aka mescalin) Dusty Lady(silkeys foal) Man, Ceasar, Easy(aka Pines Bundle) Mickey (aka Lady Mckenzie) Emma (aka MP Emmas Dun Dreamin) moms currant horses Sunny and Val (both Dustys foals)

My dad was a farrier for quite a few years, yes certified and all, so he always taught me to look at a horse from the ground up. He taught me to trim my horses feet when I was @12, and he caught me with his rasp trying to file my horses feet so I could ride him. I have trimmed my own ever since. The cobblers kids ya know, LOL.

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