Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I asked for it and I got it! yikes

Ok today was the day I went up to moms to find pictures. Oh boy, we went up to the property where all the pictures were stored....... and now I have 3 plastic bins that weigh about 60lbs a piece in my entry hall. I have already gone through one box, and hit paydirt lots of good pics! now I just have to figure out the program with the new printer/scanner all in one, not as easy as the old scanner. Hopefully I can get some on here soon.

LoL Mom decided to bring the boxes to my house when we left the property, that was great they are very heavy. Well somehow during the unloading process one of us locked her truck doors, with both of our purses in the truck, keys in the ignition, spare key in her purse LOL, oh great we have to call Dad.
I had left my truck at their house so he drove that down and rescued us. Good thing I "forgot" to lock the front door when we walked back out to so at least we were warm and dry.
It rained so hard today, they are talking about flooding in certain local areas,(like my field :( we had about an inch of rain or so today and as much as 3 inches on the coast! we are inland @250miles.On the Columbia River, At the mouth of the Columbia Gorge. aka the wind tunnel, it was breezy too, and did I say wet!

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