Monday, November 24, 2008

Lazy Mon., gaming practice Sun. night

So far this morning I havnt even showered and its almost 11am. Meg stayed home sick today with a stomach bug. So her and Luxor and I are just sitting around watching TV and doing nothing. The husband is pulling a 16 hr shift, yeck, his first, I asked him if he just wanted to prove that he could do it, he said "ya, and the moneys good" did I mention this is a graveyard shift? if he isnt home pretty soon, he is going to pull the full 16. If he does he will be home around 3pm this afternoon, after going in at 11pm.
Last night I hauled Meghan and Rocket to thier first gaming practice. Went well, the coach will not let them run fast and works on position and patterning the horse with all of them, he is a great coach, and still rides games in his ealy 70's. He volunteers all his time to coach the team. They practiced poles, birangle and barrels last night. It was to dark for pictures inside.

Meg yelled at me cuz the light was turning yellow and we still had to go through the intersection, "Mom! just drive!" fast light LOL it was so pretty last night, dont know if you can see it but there is a pink Mt Hood in the middle there. This is at an intersection right in front of our friendly neighborhood Safeway store in town.

I hate that it is dark so early, it only 4:30 here..... winter time. We walk about 200 yards from the parking area to the arena. In the dark and in the rain, it was windy tonight and cold.

Pretty sunset here at the farm, this used to be a thoroughbred racehorse facility, but the owners got out of it, they now only have a few borders. Walking up to the arena you can see the round pen on the left with the track fence on the right, and then the arena itself. We realy appreciate the owners letting the E-team use the facility.


  1. That looks like a really nice facility. I did drill team for 7-8 years and it's always so hard to find a decent facility. Especially in the winter/rainy part of the state!

  2. hey Karen, yes it is hard to find a facility on this wet side, it hasnt been used for a few years untill, last WAHSET seasons so it needs a little TLC during the last rainstorm the gutter overflowed or something so there is a 20' wet spot in the middle against the right wall, makes it challenging for drill practice. at least they can do most games up the left side.

  3. Have I thanked you lately for following my blog? It may seem like I've got a funny way of showing it, changing my blog address the day before my first giveaway and screwing up everybody's links. What an idiot I can be...Anyway, if you haven't had a chance to enter the giveaway because you can't find it, try the old address, , and be sure to enter. Blogger assures me the pointers will be going in the right direction soon.

  4. Sounds like you earned a lazy day hope you enjoyed it. Your kids are very lucky to have a horsey mom !! So nice that you stay involved.

  5. Hi there Red Dun!! First time visitor to your blog - wow, I just love it!! I'll definitely be back when I have some more time so I can catch up on your older posts. I did however copy down some of your recommended books - I have read some and others are ones I'll have to pick up, so thanks. You sound like one very brave and very busy lady. So glad to meet you my dear!! And Mt. Hood in some of your pics?? We must be neighbors!! Welcome to the blogging world, I'm new too! :)

  6. Ya C-ingspots I am in Washougal. where are you?

  7. This blogging thing has been a lot of fun, thank you all for reading and comments :)


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