Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pepsi pictures

Top pic........
is my little sister on Pepsi, that was his wild mane that we usually kept roached off.

Bottom pic......
I found a really cute picture of me on Pepsi he was a good looking little pony, dig the pants, they were one of my favorites. I am six years old in the pic. I love those old dated photos.

I have had fun going through all the old pics, a lot of work. Now there is more work scanning them all into the computer and saving them to disc too.

I have one more box to go through, havnt found a picture of Gretchen or Ceasar yet. I hope I do. Thats what I did today with the two loads of laundry I folded and fed the old mare her lunch and cleaned stalls, and Meghan just told me she wants leftovers for dinner, yeah, I dont have to cook, Hubby is working over so I will just put a nice big mrs calanders pot pie in the oven for us.

It is susposed to be dry for the weekend, and Meghan has her first drill practice. She might still borrow an 11 year old gelding from some friends, for Wahset, but she still has to talk to them about it some more and work out the kinks. She is all for it but her husband is having second thoughts, he is worried about Meg getting hurt on his horse and that being on his conscience. So we will see. Meg wants to be competative this, her last year, and this horse should let her do that. Meg is an excellent rider and she has been riding him, and gets along with him.


  1. Well howdy there!! I've been trying to post a comment ever since you started your blog, but it wouldn't let must have figured it out!

    Welcome...I'm a new blogger too.

    Yes, these old pics are great...even the pants!

  2. Ya Karen I went and reset a few things glad I figured it out LOL


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