Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hay, Bazaars, and Joannes fabrics

This was our Saturday:

The youngest daughter and I kept busy yesterday, I went and got hay for the mares in the morn. 5 bales of Teff grass, the horses seem to really like this hay, and if you havnt used it before I was pleasantly surprised by its food value when I did research on it. for Teff grown in the Willamete Valley it is 12-14% protein! which makes it a good food source, and what is funny my mares like it more than orchard grass, must taste better. You wouldnt think it is so high in protein by the way it looks it is yellow, it is also a cereal grain. I buy it in @ 160lb+ 3 string bales at $18.50 bale.(about 14 bales to the ton, I think their sign says $240ton) Which in comparison to orchard grass w some alfalfa in it 2 string bale at $14.5o bale. so I get the larger bales. We live just one mile from the Dairy that sells the hay in our area so I dont have to go very far. Next is the trip to the feed store to pick up grain, they get beet pulp and vitality 14 right now, I am thinking of getting some alfalfa pellets for the old mare, that is what the vet suggested. We tarped the hay on the truck so we still have to unload it today, glad its not raining.

Next we went to the annual Christmas Bazaar at the High School, it was a pretty good show. We took Luxor with us and of course Meg cant walk 10 feet without some little kid wanting to pet him or someone asking a question about him, it was good, she said it gives her practice for her senior panels where the judges will ask her a lot of questions. I bought two pieces of jewelry, a cowgirl necklace, made by a friend of mine, and a bead necklace. I spent a whole $20. Here they are......

The back of the cowgirl necklace says "Yee Haw!"

We then stopped at Taco Bell for lunch, I love the sw steak bowl and chips, Meg had two bean and cheese burritos and cheesie potato's. It was good and we had more questions about Luxor with us. Then we went to Joanns Fabric store, I had to buy some curtain material for our bedroom so the husband can sleep on graveyard, it has been to light for him. He has to work 16 hours tomorrow, yuck, he will be tired when he gets home. I found an upholstery type material in brown with a touch of green, and an ivory light blocking liner material, it will go with my valances in there. Now I have to dig out the sewing machine and start sewing. They wont be classic curtains but flat panels velcroed to the wall so light cant get around them, thats what he wants. I cant get in there to do the measuring until he isnt sleeping so it may wait until he is on another shift this time.


  1. Sounds like a fun and productive Saturday! The Orchard grass prices here are $19.25 right now. I'd kill to pay $14.50!

    I LOVE that cowgirl necklace!! Does she sell them on the side? Email me and let me know. They would make great gifts!

  2. Pony Girl,

    I will check with her and let you know.


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