Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Silkey PIctures, memories...........

This is me showing in 4-H at our local Fern Prairie 4-H fair, we had to do showmanship and riding classes separate, we 4-hers had cows and horses and all did showmanship at the grange hall, then the horses would on a different day go to the rodeo grounds and have their riding classes, a lot of good memories and good times. This first pic is of me and my friend Patti, and her pony Misty.
A Blue ribbon in western equitation!

This is in order L to R, my sister on Pepsi, Me on Silkey, Patti on Misty, and Eric , dont remember his horses name. Arent we the crew! Holding up all of our awards.


  1. You and I grew up just the same way...great times weren't they?

  2. Yes Karen great times. I am glad I had the opportunity to experience all this. Thanks Mom and Dad!


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