Friday, November 14, 2008

Chores today and the dogs

The girls out in the front field, after I fed them apples, Emma always looking for more, she was watching me pull a widowmaker off of the fence that fell out of the maple tree (green maple).

This is Jessie out by the Blueberry bush, checking for new moles.

Still recovering from my surgery I am trying to get out and clean stalls everyday and take care of the girls. Meghan does most of the feeding, but she never does the stalls like I like LOL It still takes a lot out of me but who would know that I appreciate being able to muck stalls!! LOL I try to tell Meghan "if it is done everyday, there is only about 3/4 of a wheelbarrow full." Sometimes she lets them go two or more days grrrrrrrr. Thats why I am out there now, plus the fact that I actually like it, and I need to be out seeing how the girls are doing etc. In years past working 40 hours a week I wouldnt be out there except for the weekends, so I really am enjoying this! And I suppose that the exercise is good for me too! LOL

This is Jessie our 8 year old Golden, waiting for me to get done with cleaning stalls.
The old mare Easy "let me out too, p l e a s e....." And our wonderful mud we have until summer.

This is Teddy, our 14 year old chahuahua /schipperke mix old and has cataracts, spoiled brat! (lol I tried to figure out how to spell cha????)lol

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  1. Teddy is CUTE...interesting mix!

    Oh I feel for you with the mud...being raised on the West side of Oregon, I've had more than my share...soooooo glad to be rid of it! I get just a lil' bit of mud here and start whinin' heeheehee!

    Looks like a beautiful day for you...keep cleaning's therapeutic.


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