Sunday, November 16, 2008

I seem to have forgotten some ponies on my list....

I did forget two important characters on my horse list....

Gretchen, Pepsi, Silkey, Rocket, Joe, Dusty, Man, Ceasar, Easy, Mickey, Sparkey, Sugar, Emma, and my Moms horses Sonny and Val.

I dont know how I could forget them for the moment LOL, but they were good ponies!

I think I have the pics I want of Silkey scanned in, I will post some of her this week! meanwhile here is Emma, mmmmm mmmmm I love apples lol, love that Appy eye role.


  1. I love Appy eye rolls, too! ;) He's a cute boy! I love the old pictures of your childhood ponies!

  2. Alas I have all mares LOL sometimes I wonder about my sanity. But I love them.


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