Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I did say we had a 3rd dog, well technically he is not ours. Our daughter is raising a guide dog puppy for her senior project, from Guide Dogs For The Blind. It has been a really good experience. Luxor even got to visit me in the hospital when I was there. He is 11 mo. old now and he will go back to either be trained or be a breeder at about 15 mo. or so. We dont have a lot of time left with him now. He has been an exceptional dog, Meghan takes him to school with her every day and everyone loves him. These dogs are bred to be smart, and smart he is, he is amazing. It is a different experience being able to take a dog into the grocery store, school, hospital, he goes anywhere we go.This is baby Luxor, he was so cute....
The next pic of of little Luxor at his first WAHSET meet.....I never seen horses before! much less cows and applause and all the noise. I was such a good boy. This is Elma WA in Feb. '08, Luxor only about 10 weeks old. Right before my brain surgery.

One of the many field trips that the guide dogs get to take, this is at Horizon Air training facility in Portland OR, this is a plane simulator and all the dogs got to go on and be stuffed under a chair, to simulate flying with their blind person. Black dogs are so hard to take pics of, they absorb the light instead of reflecting it. This is Luxor being a cheerleader LOL he will hold this pom pom and carry it around, at home and at school. He carried a big stuffed spider around school on Halloween.

This is me and Luxor at the pumpkin patch in Vancouver,WA, the week before Halloween, we had fun and got pumpkin's and went through a corn maze, the dog club had dinner on the farm too, it was fun! Lux wasnt to impressed with the pumpkins........ Having a guide dog puppy has been such a good experience for us, he goes everywhere with my daughter. We puppysit when she goes out or leaves. It will be very hard to give him back, he is such a love, and a gentleman (not to say he doesnt have his dumb puppy moments, he is a Lab!)We have fallen in love with him. After he is done being a daddy dog he can go to finish his training as a guide or companion dog or we may get him back if we want him (of course we do) he would make a realy good guide dog, nothing fazzes him, he takes everything in stride, a very good minded animal. Which I hope is making him desireable as a breeder, they usually fix them by 6-8 mo. and they have not fixed him yet, so the thought is that he will go as a breeder.


  1. Wow I love that little guys look . I am sure he will make a very good dog.It musst be difficult to let him go.
    I see you stopped by my blog so I wanted to return the favor and say welcome,I am very interestedin your story, you sound like a very strong person to have gone through what you have . Good Luck on your continued recovery.

  2. Thanks fernvalley, ya it will be realy hard to let him go back. Thanks for the well wishes to, I drove the truck and trailer for the first time since my surgery -" dances aroud woo hooo"- in the dark too LOL it is a big step for me.

  3. How cool is that! But I agree with Fernvalley, I would have a hard time letting him go.

    Thanks for stoppin by my lil ol blog. Come back and see me!


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