Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last remenice about Silkey

This is my mom on Silkey when she first bought her, Silkey was four years old.

Me with the old mare, she was such a pretty red sorrel. This is probably at a game show, Mom and I used to both ride her in the games, we did ok.

ah geez, I sure look like a dude LOL love these old pics. This was at our little local 4H fair again.

Oh we had our wild moments, this is my sister on Silkey and me on Dusty, Silkeys foal. Barefoot and no helmets how did we live through it, LOL.
The next horse I rode was named Joe, aka Mescaline was his AQHA registered name.


  1. Cute pics. Yea we all did those kinda outa horsesence things way back...
    I ewas jsut alone when I did them so no documetation!Just my stories of jumping on a 3 year old filly from the fence and her running wild with fear till she slid close enough to the fence again, from a dead RUN..for me to jump off to it!! Never told mom!
    Theer was ALOT I never told mom!
    Anyway, nice blog and I will see you again.

  2. Silky looks a lot like an old mare I used to ride as a kid only she looks a little less like a renegade than Satin was. I have sure enjoyed reading about her . Looking forward to Joe's story.


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