Monday, July 30, 2012

My first horse ride, 1968.

Wow, I will be dating myself here!! I started this blog, writing about all the horses that I have had.
Well I guess this one was missing! My first horse ride!!
My Mom was going through some pictures and found this great picture of me @10-11mo old!

This first one is the original photo! (couldnt lie about my age with the time stamp, "giggle")

 And zoomed in, arent I cute! LOL I even have the reins!!!! (Isnt that a sweet mare to give her head like that to a baby! Mom said she was a really good horse.)
Mom said I didnt want to get off the horse! I threw a fit! LOL
So this is where my love of horses started!


  1. You started early like me then :P can't remember my first ride other than it was a horse called Jimmy (black and white cob) think i was around 4/5ish so I didnt start quite as early as you! you look good LOVE the pictures!

  2. So cute, and what a stunning horse. Lucky you starting so young. I am going to look for my first horse photos now!

  3. So cute = and what a stunning mare. I am going to dig out some old horse photos now!

  4. Ahhhh, fond memories. I think my first horse ride was in 1958 and it was on a paint and white.
    There...I am dated too!



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