Thursday, July 12, 2012

A few more cars. TT this weekend!!

A few more cars from the show.
Thought this old Police car and its mini me, were pretty cute.
 Loved this one with its matching trailer.
 Cool bike.
 Ha ha, caught Meghans BF Marques!!! LOL

 There were all kinds of vehicles there!!!

I am excited! My friend Carol and I are going to the Trail Trials on Saturday!!  Hopefully I can get a lot of pictures!!! It will be both of our first Trial. Carol on her new mare, who is 6 this year. Me on Emma, she is doing OK, she was a little sore after riding for an hour and a half last night. I think I will run to the vet and get a tube of Bute paste, to help her out. I think it will still be a little while before she is 100%. I need to make her use it to strengthen it back up.
So look for more pics of the ride soon!!! Saddle and bridle cleaned and oiled, cantle bag, hoof pick to carry, hmmmm.... I need to make a list!! Carol will pick me up at 8:30-9 in the morning!!! on Saturday.

Well an update. I will not be taking my Emma on the TT. I spoke with my vet and was going to give her a little bute to help with her soreness. He said not a good idea, she may injure the muscle more.
It may take up to 6 mo. for her to completely heal. Which is what my Dad told me a couple weeks ago. For those of you that dont know, when I was growing up my Dad was a farrier. I think he has forgot more than I know. So I will be taking the old mare, who I can safely give a little bute for her arthritis. She will be a fun ride! She may be old, but she is still full of it!! She tried to buck Meghan off twice when we were riding last nigh! LOL She is still ornery and full of energy!! 


  1. Wow, your first "Trail Trial"!

    Do they have a training run? I would highly recommend that! Did
    you ever read about my only TT?
    I think it was 2 years ago, title Trail Trial.
    WA WAS A STAR, for traveling alone 2 hours, heat of 90. There were, seemed like about 100 horses, donkeys, mules around. Somefair, some unfair obstAcles.

    With a training, unjudged run, you havethe luxury of not "timing out".
    I'll not do another one without that again as I had severe problems for a year after with Wa acting out when she disliked thelook of anything....because of a time period to accomplish an obstacle. She got out doing it if er timed out, effectually teaching her to balk, balk harder- then we stop!

    I would take an Electrolyte, "sore no more" spray for before you ride all over the body, even under saddle. And after too. For both of you!

    I'm excited for ya both!!! Havefun!

  2. Allhorsestuff,
    NO no training runs at this ride. It is not a sanctioned Trial, it is a fundraiser for the fence riders for the Clark County Fair. There will be 12 obstacles though!! Should be fine, we will find out what we need to work on for our next one. Just going to take it easy, no pressure, its mine and my friends first TT. We should run into a lot of old friends too.
    I am going to give Emma some bute, she is still a bit sore/stiff from her muscle pull after a long ride.

  3. Wise man your dad, glad you have the old mare and can still go. The cars are soo cool


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