Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hindu Wedding

My Sister-In-Law LeAnn, was asked to provide a white horse for a Hindu wedding. It looks like it went off wonderfully!!
The crowd follows the groom in, singing and dancing.

 The groom rides a white horse, to the ceremony. That is LeAnn on the Right (left side of the horse.) Behind her holding the umbrella is her husband, Hubbys brother. He had to walk and hold that umbrella for a long time!
 The groom provided the outfit for the horse, I believe.
Turned out pretty neat!! LeAnn and her husband Ron own a riding stable, Rolling Hills, in Washougal, Wa. She does lessons and they board horses. Thats how she came to be asked to do this.
Had to share!

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  1. How gorgeous! glad they got pics , beautiful garments


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