Sunday, July 15, 2012

Trail Trial, second post, Results!

Here is Carol starting into the Steep Hill obstacle.
 Down in the bottom was some mud, and after crossing you were supposed to trot up the other side. Easy didnt do good at this one! LOL She was worried about where Jazzy went and kinda trot/cantered up the other side!
 This is the Railroad, had to walk up between the rails and down the other side. This judge is a friend and saddlemaker. We had a nice little chat with him. He also has Rocky Mtn. Horses.
 The Steps, after coming down, Easy wanted to go around when we first headed down, had to encourage her to go down the center. The man in the red shirt at the top is another friend, from the Guide Dogs puppy club.
 Carol and Jaz crossing the Creek, she was so good and hardly hesitated!! This was their first creek crossing together!!
 Carol was so happy with her new girl!!!

 Balance beam, not a hard one at all....
 Easy got off on the left side and her front foot slide off, we made it halfway across and she scrambled across the end.
 Tired old mare!!
 Back at the house, waiting for results. They are inside that door, with a computer, adding up all the scores.
 Our score!!!  Great for our first ride!!!! 110 out of 120 possible!!! (To get a perfect score I would put a halter on under the bridle and lead in with a lead rope, on this Tack Check.)
We tied for third place!!! No prize, but I didnt need one!! The prize was getting out there for the day and riding my pony!!!
First was 114
second tied with 111.5
third tied at 110!
A successful and fun day!!
( I usually take more than one pic of things, because, like this I cut off the bottom! and Carols score, but I only took one this time.)

Here is a list of the obstacles that were offered at this ride.
I had so much fun, I think Carol did too! We will do this again!  


  1. Wow! 12 obstacles! That's a lot. Not even the ACTHA rides I do have that many. They typically are only 6-7 miles with only 6-7 obstacles.

    Way to go!


  2. Congrats on your ride!! Looks like so much fun and I have always wanted to try something like that!!

  3. Lisa,
    This ride used to be an ACTHA ride when it started. They have since just put it on as a fundraiser. Probably to get more people, having to be an ACTHA member and all. A lot of people around here have no idea what ACTHA is, its still really new here.

  4. Paint girl,

    You should! Both of you! Its a lot of fun.

  5. OH, and Lisa, even with 12 obstacles it wasnt a hard ride, at least for us! LOL There were a few people that their horses were difficult.


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