Saturday, July 14, 2012

Trail Trials with Carol and Jazzy!!

The old mare and Jazzy waiting to be saddled. We got there around 10AM and our ride time was 12:15PM, so we had a two hour wait.
 Cute little Jazzy, this mare is turning out to be a gem for Carol. At coming 6 years old she did as good as my old mare today!!
 The start, which is a Tack Check. If I had had my halter on my horse, instead of in by cantle bag I would have gotten a perfect 10. I lead her up with the bridle and they deduct for that. I personally dont like to have all that on their heads, it hot enough, without adding a halter.
 People waiting.
 LOL my old horse trailer, in the middle with the red stripe and the black clover. Met Stephanie there too, she brought two horses to take through the ride. Steph is the gal whom I traded horse trailers with.
 I absolutely fell in love with these two!!! So cute!
 Carol convincing Jaz to move over to the trailer so she can get on!! LOL She did it, she is such a good girl!
 Behind Carol is Steph and her older mare she rode in the extreme class.
 And here we go!!!
 Follow the arrows and yellow ribbons.

 My beautiful view today.
 After Easy and I crossed the bridge, I turned around to wait for Carol and Jazzy. Jazzy took two steps onto the bridge and stopped and backed off. Carol encouraged her and she walked right across!
 This is their first ride doing anything like this.
 Third obstacle. Jazzy got lots of attention here! Everyone loves those Rocky Mtn. Horses.
 Hard to see, had to start between the two cones and step down in that hole and immediate left. Wasnt to bad at all.
 Across the field to the next obstacle.
 Carol and pretty little Jazzy.

 This obstacle is called the castle. Basically rooms built of plywood that you have to walk through. ( it is directly above the car.)
 Pretty trails.
 And my view behind.
 This obstacle is called, the Party. The two tents on the right, and 6-8 mylar balloons on the left. We had to walk straight between them.  Easy looked at the tents, and ignored the balloons! LOL

 Jaz needed a little encouragement but went through great!
More to come tomorrow!!! and results!! :O)


  1. Looks like fun, glad you and the old red mare did good!

  2. How awesome and fun! I'm glad you got to do this! That Jaz...sure is jazzy pretty!

    By the way, I always keep a halter on my mare when out on the trails. If she breaks her bridle, she still has her halter on, and I can take her bridle off for grazing breaks while on a long trail ride. I really dislike seeing people pulling on their horse's mouth when they lead their horse and it's just plain dangerous to tie a horse with the reins.


  3. Great sounding!
    Every trial is a bit different. No one even looked at my tack, from points standpoint, though they loved my bridle.

    Yes that place looks beautiful!

  4. Sounds like so much fun. We do a lot of those obstacles just on our own trails, but it would be fun to see how Estes would do in a "scored" trial.

  5. Wow, that looks like a lot of fun. I would love to try something like that with my old doesn't look to strenuous in terms of physical ability & would be something he could do at his old age (he's 24). I should see if they have anything like this where I live :-)

  6. I agree Lisa, I would never tie with reins!!
    My philosophy is less on the head in the heat, just a personal preference. In retrospect for the competition, next time I will have one on, I was docked one point for not having a halter on.

  7. If any of you are interested in seeing if some of these rides are in your area, google American competitive trail horse Association. The website has a list you can look up by region, for sanctioned rides.
    It was a lot of fun I will do it again!!

  8. Oooh...I had no idea this was an ACTHA ride. I've been riding in and competing in ACTHA rides for the past 2 years. Our rides in NM tend to have only 6-7 obstacles on 6-7 miles of trails, so I wonder why the ACTHA rides in your area are so different. Hmm..



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