Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stuff from around the yard.

This year we had a pair of Black Capped Chickadees nest in this little birdhouse! Funny they are the first I have seen and it has been there for 12 years!!! LOL
 It was fun to watch the parents bringing grubs and bugs to the chicks. You could really hear them when Mom or Dad came.

 They would watch us before they would fly out!
 Alas the little family is all grown up and flown!!! Didnt get to see them come out.
 My most favorite petunias. Blue Daddy, they are called.
 And a couple of the first Dahlias of the year.
 This one a little out of focus. but the colors are pretty! Pink/orange/yellow.
My garden is huge now!! The first row of corn is 4 1/2 feet tall, I have picked 4 Zucchini!!! No tomatoes  yet. I have picked about 3/4 of a gallon of Blueberries, off of one bush!! LOL

I have ridden Emma, just hopped on her bareback. She has been stressing out a bit when I saddle her up. I think riding bareback and just walking around the pen, let her relax some, and do something undemanding. She has a lot of anticipation when I tack her up, and sometimes will bob her head and or grind her teeth.(she does this at other times to) I dont cinch her to tight, I have elastic western cinchas too. I think its a mental psych out for her. Silly girl. I really dont ask her to do a lot, and she isnt high strung. Still working on what is causing her anxiety. She really relaxed when I got on bareback, I got a lot of sighs and licking and chewing. I asked her to sidepass with as little brushing of my leg as possible and some backing. She seemed to really like the light cues. Hmmmmmm....


  1. Great flower shots, good to read Emma is coming along

  2. Thanks FV!
    I put her on Magestys flex cookies. Each cookie is 2500mg MSM and 2500mg Glucosamine,(with Yucca and vit C).
    She is getting two cookies a day and it has been a week. Am seeing a bounce back in her step!!!


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