Monday, July 9, 2012

Car Parts, bits and pieces....

I love to look at the lines of old cars, the chrome, the design, the color, the light reflecting off of them.
So as I waked around, I took bits and pieces of the cars. Some people will be able to tell you exactly what car it is by a hood ornament or an emblem. I cant but....I hope you enjoy some of these.
This first one reminded me of red line Hot Wheels.
 This is just such a luscious red.

 Loved this grill! They are 2 inch spikes!!!
 Teardrop headlights are cool! Love the grill too.
 Hubby said quit taking pictures of the naked lady!! LOL
 Pin striping.

 Nothing like the smell of these old engines! Kind of like the smell of leather or gun oil.

 Love the green!

 This is really cool!!
 From farther away, very nice air brush work!

See Betty Boop!
 This is the side of the hot rod in the past post, black with the flames. You couldnt see the flames in that picture, that are down the side. Really cool. and those are my feet! It was so shiny!
 This is a brand new, retro design car.
 Oops there is that naked lady again!
       Loved the colors and reflections on the HO.              

 Cool old dashboard.
Hope you enjoyed these! One more post about the car show.
Emma and I are going to ride in the Trail Trial on Saturday!!!
More to come!


  1. All that chrome and polish!

  2. Hey friend in my view old cars are the best in comparison with today cars because of their unique parts, lightning and design reflect status of any man.

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