Friday, July 6, 2012

First Friday, Camas Wa., Car show!!

After Hubby got home from work, he said there was a big car show in downtown Camas. Camas has a First Friday activity with the downtown merchants every month, this month they also has a car show! So we went down to see all the cars!
 I fell in love with this root beer brown beauty!
 Foster Farms Chickens!!! LOL LOL

 She is pretty from the front too!! I loved the lighting on this car, for the pics.

 This is friends of ours, car.
 (more to come on this one, in later post, cool grill!)
 This is a brand new car, done in retro style!
 Wiley Coyote!

 Hudson! (Hudson Hornet from cars! More to come on that too!)
 1937 Mercedes!
 We had an Elvis sighting in Camas!!! um wait who is that beside him!!!!  ( I was way out in the middle of the street! Had no idea I showed up in the picture!!! LOL)

 There is those darn chickens again!!! LOL
More to come, 22 pics in a post is enough!!!


  1. Those chickens were a hoot! Aren't car shows just the greatest thing to spark up a summer day!

    Thanks so much for posting!


  2. Never too many photos in a post! You know me! lol!
    You probably also know that my daughter The Chicken Girl would have gone nuts had she seen those chickens in the cars. lol! And she loves cars...and car shows, too! I grew up going to car shows with my Dad at least once a month at the local Dairy Queen. They weren't as big as most of the car shows these days, but there were always at least 10 cars and the owners of the cars loved to talk about their cars and the good old days.

    Oooh! And I'm swooning over that root beer brown car, too! Gorgeous!!!



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