Monday, July 2, 2012

Dairy fire 2nd post

So I went over to see how they all were doing. These are some of the truck and trailers that were relocating the cows. They kept the dry cows there, and the calves. Some of the older cows went to the sale. Just a fact of life. 

 Trucks pulled out! On the right are the cow sheds. In the back is, I believe the silage bin.
 A couple of the dry cows. Directly behind them on the other side of this shed is where the barn burnt.
 The neighbors are taking good care of them!! Muffins, cookies, juice and milk. Cases of water. Dave Rocha went to Subway and brought back sandwiches for everyones lunch!! So nice of him!

 Moved everything across the road so all the guys could eat.
 The main house is just to the right of that bush on the right side of this pic. The fire was so hot that it curled the vinyl siding on the house!!!
 It was the old original wood barn that burnt, on the left is the milk parlor, on the right is another cow shed. A PUD worker driving by at 12:30am seen embers up in the very top of the hay loft. He stopped and alerted them to the fire. No electricity up that high, so they have no idea how the fire started.
 The cow sheds are all on the left and right of the old wooden barn.
 A bunch of tired folks. And a little  gobsmacked.
 They did not lose any cows in the fire, contrary to what the news reported. They had a cow that was in the wrong place, who had a calf, they found her and the calf wandered out a few minutes later.
 Sad, that barn was an icon. It will be interesting to see what they determined started the fire.
Talking to the retired folks, Ruby, Mom, said that she was worried for the kids now. Because they have no income now that the cows are gone.
I hope they can recover, dont know if the county will let them rebuild, as this barn is right next to a major waterway. A lot of changes to come.


  1. So sorry to see this, glad no stock was lost but so much work ahead. Glad folks are stepping upt to help

  2. Wow! I'm so glad to hear there were no injuries! I hope you all get some well deserved rest!! :)

  3. sad....but such good neighbors and friends to help them out, too.


  4. It broke my heart watching the TV interview with Don, the patriarch of the family. "There probably is going to be no Dairy here again" he said, tears welling in his eyes. He was probably 4 years old when his Dad started the Dairy. So sad.

  5. That is just so sad. I hope they do rebuilt...gosh everyone is having so much sadness these days!


  6. I hope they (are able to) rebuild. Dairy farms are precious to our survival and overall way of living.

    Cows don't come in a can.

    It's time people started to recognize that (before the farms are all gone). Thanks for a great 2-part Post!


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