Sunday, July 22, 2012

One of our oldest friends, get married!

One of Ricks oldest friends got married on Sat. Here my Hubby is in his "monkey suite" LOL
Hubby and the Groom. They met and have been friends since the third grade!
 Me and Rick! I think we have a picture taken together every few years!
 The ceremony. It was outside and the weather was good! Around 70F, still hot for those guys in their suites. Yes that is camo on her dress and the grooms vest! The inside of his vest is hunter orange!!
 Cut cake topper! They also had cupcakes, with purple and orange frosting!
 A cute little house to put the cards into.
 Making it legal!!! I have proof!! LOL He waited 45 years to find the right girl!!
 They are a cute couple.
Congratulations Art and Tammy!!!! Married July 21, 2012.


  1. Congrats to the happy couple! And you and your hubby look wonderful, should take pics of the two of you more often

  2. What a creative and different wedding! I love purple and I love orange, but I never think of them together unless it's Halloween! But somehow those colors work, especially with the flowers. Such a funny cake topper, too. Never seen a camo wedding dress. So Red Neck style! lol! Did she have to get it custom made? It's actually kind of pretty and very unique.
    They look like a fun couple to be around. I hope they have many years of wedded bliss together.
    Oh and I love that photo of you and your hubby. Your dress fits the wedding theme. It has a sort of camo look to it. :)


  3. Thanks fernvalley!

    Lisa, Yes I believe she had the dress custom made. Pretty cute! I havnt seen another like that either!!


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