Monday, July 9, 2012

More Car 2. Long post, lots of pics!!

Camas, Washington has become a very cute and quaint little town to strole around and shop and go to the various events that they have, all year. First Fridays, Farmers Market on Wednesdays, Camas Days celebration where all of downtown is blocked off to cars and they have vendors and crafts and food, wine and beer tasting and live bands. Its a lot of fun. 
This is one of the newer little shops. She sells "up cycled goods".
Loved this chicken. (another chicken for Jenna, Lisa! LOL)
 Inside pics.
 Most of the shop owner have snacks for visitors on First Friday, hers were wonderful! I caught Meghan enjoying hers! LOL
 Of course I always look for horsey stuff!
 I dont know what it is, but it is made with horseshoes!
 Cute glasses.
 Here is a sign for Nuzz Muzz! LOL LOL

It was a beautiful evening for walking around and shopping and the car show!

One of the neat old buildings.
And now, MORE CARS!  Cool flames!
Cute roadster.

Ford Fairlane 500! Hubby and I both had one of these in High School. This one has a 302 in it. Notice the stripe down the side has flames in it.

Steampunk motorcycle! Of course I had to have a pic!! LOL The seat is an English saddle and....
Look at the breast collar on the gas tank!! Funny!!!
Never seen the cut out hood like this!! Cool!
Love it!
There were 100's of cars!
This Fairlane is just like the one I had, with the 289 in it. They did convert it to a shifter on the floor, instead of one on the column.

This isnt a car, but it is motorized!!! LOL

Lightning McQueen
and Tow Mater!!! were there too!!! LOL

Lots of old and new hot rods!
OK this one is just weird!!! See the skeleton couple in the back, suicide doors!!

Close up of those intakes!!
Meghan wanted this one!! LOL She is a pink girl!!!
Love the pink striped upholstery!
Pretty cute!!
Long post!!! I have more to come!!! LOL


  1. Such a cool post! I love Tow Mater, lol, I'd drive him!
    Love, love love those pink and white seats. Oh drooool.
    The motorcycle, that just cracks me up. I bet it's comfy to ride.

  2. LOL, Mikey!! It was a fun show to walk through!!

  3. WOW! COOL CARS! I have a confession to make: I love the movie CARS! :D Oh, look at the ever gleeful Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater. Goodness, I wish I was there too!


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