Monday, July 2, 2012

County Dairy icon, burns to the ground.

News copters in the sky.
Sadly the dairy where I have bought my hay for 20+ years, has lost the milking barn. It burnt to the ground starting around midnight last night. Stauffers Dairy in Washougal Washington. 
These are the kindest most genuine people that I know. 
I am going down there later, and will try to get some pictures.
The Dairy was started in 1937.
They have a really neat photo hanging on the wall in the main house that shows them putting up hay with horses, over a bridge into the hay loft!! Hard to describe.
So sad for them, the other local dairys are helping out by coming to get the 140 milk cows, so they can be milked. They only lost 2 cows in the fire.
I can smell the smoke from the fire outside.

Meanwhile, this video says it all.

Some pictures from the news.


  1. I forgot to mention we are only 1 mile from them.
    The fire engine and tender went by again.
    Lots of trucks and trailers going by with cows, who are probably getting really uncomfortable since they missed the 5 o'clock milking!!

  2. So tragic!! My family's dairy ran from 1927 to 1977 , so much history and hard work

  3. oh, that's very sad. at least nobody got hurt except for the 2 cows...
    but very sad.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  4. Merri, they found the missing cow and her baby. They didnt lose any!! Amazing!!


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