Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ponies, and the garden.

Well here is my garden for this year. I planted, Walla Walla onions, tomatos, jalepenos, mini pumpkins, Blue lake pole beans, corn-peaches and cream and jubilee, and zucchini, and a mixed bag of squash. That should keep me busy! 
 Eh oh, they seen me, well two of them, lol Mickey threw her head up with a what, is going on! LOL
 "See if she will open the gate!!"  No sorry fat girls.
 My first row of corn, I think it just may be "knee high, by the 4th of July!"
 "She is not opening the gate."
 "Oh well I will just eat some more."  Thats why I am not opening the gate, she looks like a prego equipotimus!!!
 Easy "Really, your not going to open it?"
 Once they figured out I wasnt, they went back to eating.
 Old mare still looking good at 27.
 I rode Emma today too!!! Yeay  See proof, she has saddle marks, which she kindly highlighted by rolling.
 It was a pretty day today! (yeah I know she is fat too!)
 Love the tongue! And behind me, trying to figure out what I am doing....
 Silly old mare, what a look!
 She is graying. Starting to look like an old mare.
 This stupid Weeping Willow, lived in a 5 gallon bucket of water for 5+ years! I finally stuck it in the ground around 2000, I think. darn thing is 30 feet tall now!!

Emmas crazy mane, blowing in the wind, straight up!!
 Goofy girl, she was good today.
 It was difficult taking pictures, most of the time they kept their butts to the sun, hard to get around them and get decent pictures.
 My barrels, and my caveleties. I have to put them inside the bricks, or Emma just mows them over, and I have to fix them every time she goes over them. I am hoping I can get her to respect them a little more. I am having to keep the barrels over on their sides, because a darn Owl is using them for a dinner table. Leaving me bits and pieces of mice and whole garter snakes, among other things!!! Yeck!!!!
 These Daisy's are everywhere right now. Cute buy a pain. I mowed the pasture last week, will have to mow again soon.
 Strawberry Rhubarb! I really am going to make a pie. Even if Hubby says he does not like Rhubarb pie. I can eat it raw!! LOL
 Most of my Dahlias are up, the big ones are the ones from last year, the new ones are only up 6 inches.
 The first bud ready to open soon.
 Nasturtiums with a Dahlia in the middle.
 And my wind chime, I was given for my Birthday a few years ago, from the Equestrian team. ( yeah spider webs, I walked through a giant web when I stepped up onto the patio above, then did the spider dance! LOL)


  1. Your garden looks fantastic! We have been wanting to put in a garden but haven't gotten it done yet. Hopefully soon!
    The horses look great!! Happy to hear your getting more rides in!!

  2. the horses look great,and so does the yard, andif your hubby soesn't want the rhubarb pie, can I come?

  3. Thanks Fernvalley! LOL Sure you can!!!! Cuz I dont think I can eat a whole pie!!! LOL

  4. Everything looks really good there! Lush and green and I look like your horses~! HA


  5. The photos are great and your 27 yr old mare looks fantastic.
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting, it means so much.


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