Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rode the old mare.

I went out and rode the old mare today. She is so good. I put her through her paces, at a walk and a trot! LOL because the two of us are way out of shape! She did everything I asked. Sidepass, haunch turn, forehand turn, back up, and she wasnt to bad with her head, which has always been her problem.
( No these arent new pics, some from my archives. )
Sometimes I think we forget what a pleasure and older horse is to ride. This mare responds to just a calf touch. If you hit her with a heal she will jump out of her skin! She is so lite, and easy to ride.
Then there is Emma, she argues with you most of the time, and to get more precise moves, I usually put my ball spurs on. She is getting better, but then she isnt 27 either!
I said in a previous post, that Easy has her moments. Well we had one of those today too.
We worked in the pen for about a 1/2 hour and then went out to the neighbors field. That was all fine and good, no problem, until we got by the back fence and the other neighbors steer, first spooked and ran away, and then decided he wanted to make friends!!!!! I told her he was more afraid of her. I told her she chases cows, and has chased a lot of cows. No way, she was having none of this steer!!(as I was laughing at her and just trying to let her work through it) She spun in circles, she backed up, when I had her face in the direction of the steer she backed up some more. Until I finally spanked her butt! Then she was better and we continued on, with a little blowing and watching behind her! She is so funny, never out of control, just pitching a fit. Silly old mare. She was trying me, I know she was! Because she straightened up after I got after her. She knows better.

We had a good ride, didnt want to ride to hard, she had done everything I asked, and sweated up over a stupid steer!! So we went back to the barn and I let her out.

Things that Emma shies at every time, like the pile of timbers, Easy doesnt look at twice.
If any of you are into Parelli, Easy is a Right brain introvert. Who becomes a lot more extrovert the more she is worked with. Emma is a Left brain introvert with a lot of extrovert tendencies too! They are polar opposites!

I think with some conditioning the old mare will be fine for the competitive trail ride I want to do, she does love to get out. The ride is 6 miles with 1 obstacle every mile, so a lot of rests. I just want to get out and ride!!! Now to get the trailer licensed!!


  1. Sounds like a fun ride for you. I hope the competitive trail ride works out so you can both get out and enjoy yourselves.


  2. My old mare Cheyanne was fairly brave...if she was challenged with her trail. Otherwise an open field was cause for stupidity.
    Yet I loved her all the same.
    Glad you had a great ride.

    I hope to take out one of the 29yr olds tonight...or a young and semi stupid one!

  3. LOL Val, arent they so funny! Even when older!!
    Things like that used to upset me, now I just smile, and work through it!

  4. Funny how those old girls still have a trick or two! Luckily so do we! LOL


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