Thursday, June 21, 2012

Who lives in this kind of house!!!!

Hubby and I went garage saleing  last Saturday.
We were awestruck by this neighborhood, which had a "neighborhood sale" but very few houses had sales. What did it was always clothes and furniture.

And who the heck can afford a huge house that is just about the same size as the lot. Most of them 3 stories!!
Not me!!! Beautiful houses, but I wouldnt want to clean them either, oh, they can probably afford a house cleaner!

 It was a beautiful day for a drive. Man I would not want to clean this house!!

And leading up to the BIG one!!!!!
 Their own freaking castle!!!
 There are two garage doors on the right, and three! on the left side!!!
 The main entry! I had to pick my jaw up!!! he he he except I thought it needed a fountain or pond at the bottom!!! LOL
 Beautiful rock work, three!! stories!! We were wondering just how many people live here!! LOL
More humble abodes around the corner.

Just makes me shake my head. I am a country girl I guess. You couldnt give me one of these. Unless I could sell it and have the money!!! Someone in this economy is making bucks!!!
Hope you enjoyed the views!!! We didnt find a lot on this day. The weekend before we found a few goodies though.


  1. My experience with houses like these is their stuff is always ridiculously high anyway for the sale :)

  2. It's always interesting to go exploring different communities. Most often it makes us appreciate what we have at home.
    All those stairs would kill my knees and hips. We have a two story home, that's about 2,300 sq ft, with two flights of stairs, and my master bedroom is on the top level. My knees pop and creak every time I walk up. I would love to have a one story home that is smaller than what we have now, but we'll stay here until the kids are grown.
    But I will never live in a neighborhood where the houses are on top of each other like that. beh!


  3. I know Nicole!!! They really are! That or they are really cheap, weird! LOL

    Lisa, that castle has to be over 4000 sf! There must be an elevator in the garage? LOL

    Who would want a 3 mill+ house in a subdivision? This is a mile from the "ritzy" houses on Lacamas Lake, which are all, multi million dollar houses, where some of the TrailBlazers live and such. But that is a gated community.

  4. There is still a lot of money somewhere!!!

  5. Impressive homes. Too bad they aren't on 40 acres. I guess if your job pays for a fancy house, then it's worth living near the office, even it if means being right up against your neighbors. There was this episode of The Osbournes in which here they were in this multi-million dollar mansion having a feud with their neighbors throwing stuff back and forth over their fence.

  6. LOL Nuzz Muzz, I dont know if I would want one if I could afford 40 acres!! LOL My barn would have to be bigger than my house!! :o)

  7. beautiful, but so not me, I am a Keep it simple sweetie kind of girl


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