Sunday, August 5, 2012

First craft show

We did our first craft show this Saturday. Washougal Pendleton Mill, had their 100 year celebration, a 3 mile fun run and horse drill team and a pony driving demonstration. I didnt go watch the horses because of having a booth. Our Sis in law and Hubbys Bro, coordinated the horses.
They had craft vendors too. Tables were only $10, so we thought ok, what the heck, lets give it a go.
ON the FIRST 102 degree day we have had in three years!! 
Pounded the water all day. Had a few customers, didnt sell a lot but we had fun.

This is getting everything out and prepped and tagged for sale.
 I had 36 of these memo clips! I told Hubby I had a lot done!! LOL
 Dry run on the booth set up, we put cinder blocks under the corners and tied the canopy down too. Good thing we did!! The wind was gusting!! We live at the mouth of the Columbia Gorge, and the Gorge acts like a wind funnel! So we get pretty bad East winds.
 My cousins wife, helping us out. This is from behind the table.
 My cousin and his wife helped us set everything up, and then he was making phone calls to friends from their home town. He sold a couple things for me! LOL
 Close up of the table.
 You can see some of the large 12" memo clips, they are $18, each.

 The large sleighs are $10. My prices range from $2-20. I dont want anything outrageously expensive. The $2 ones are some hand painted gift tags, and some clothes pin reindeer.
 The memo clips are $10.
 The stick horse ornaments are my own design also. I can customize these for people it they want. For $12. The snowman face 6" memo clip is between them.

 This cowboy Santa is one of my original designs. I come up with those occasionally!! LOL
It was fun, minus the weather!! Wow was it hot!
If you see anything you like in the pictures, drop me an Email and I will give you a price, and see if we can make a deal!!  (  I can take more pics to email you if anyone is interested.


  1. Great stuff! and it looks reasonably priced too. Hope you get another chance to sell, I bet closer the the holidays you will do really well

  2. How fun to be involved with the show with your family, too. Your stuff is so cute! Was it difficult to Christmas things when it was so darn hot? lol!


    ps Why do the snowman clips say HIPE? Does that stand for something?

  3. Well they are supposed to say HOPE, Lisa.
    That was how the pattern I bought did the O.


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