Friday, August 31, 2012

90 days....

Well Hubby went and did it. Took a step wrong on one of his days of and a tendon popped, didnt feel that bad. A few days later he was lifting something and it popped really loud again. Not so good!

Three doctor appts and an MRI later.  He has TWO torn tendons in his foot. One torn, one split. That means he will have to have surgery to repair it. Surgery will be next Friday. Then he will be home for three months while it heals.

He is trying to give me a bad time! LOL But I keep telling him I have put up with him for 23 years!! what is 90 days? Or the rest of our lives for that matter! LOL Silly man!

This weekend we are driving to my cousins in Kittitas, Wa. for a fun weekend. Their son Luke just won Grand Champion Market Hog yesterday! At the Kittitas County Fair!! He did a great job! Hog weighs 300lbs and rate of gain was 2.0lb per day! Cant wait to see how he did in Showmanship too!!
Congrats Luke!!!


  1. Sorry about your hubby ~ that has to hurt!

  2. 90 days can be murder depending on the situation. Hope all goes well for both of you.

  3. Sorry to hear about your husband!! Hope surgery goes well and that he recovers quickly!!
    And congrats to Luke and his hog!!

  4. Ouch! It stinks getting older and suffering the aches and pains and injuries. I hope hubby heals quickly and as pain free as possible.

    Congrats to Luke!!



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