Thursday, August 16, 2012

Went to Skamania Fair today

Meghan and I went to our favorite little county fair.
This is a long post!
After parking we walked across this bridge to go to the fair grounds.
 The bridge is over Rock Creek. The red barn in the background is the horse barn.
 They had go Karts this year!
 We got there just in time to get the last serving of biscuits and gravy!!! We always used to get some when the girls were showing!! Fun memories, and still good!!
 The tram, it carries people back and forth from the parking lot to the fairgrounds. It goes down the road and over an auto bridge! LOL not the one we walked across.
 A cute Halflinger. We watched some of the Huntseat classes.
 This is one of the most beautiful places in the world to have a fair. The Columbia Gorge.
 Livestock show ring.
 Alpacas getting ready to show.
 A sculpture, that rotates with the wind!! really cool, pretty colors.

 Meg thought this bunny looked like her cat! LOL
 Guinea Pig!
 A laced Seabright, bantam chicken.
 Lots of cute goats!

 Market hogs.
 inside of the livestock barn.
 This one is quite the character!
 This is my artsy fartsy picture!! LOL Meghan went to get us more water!!! It was 92 up there today! Over 100 at home!
 Midway, with the beautiful Mtns in the background.

 Pig showing!
 Too much cuteness!

 We also watched the trail course be ridden.
 This was a Buffalo hide used on one side of the bridge, a tarp on the other side. Most of the horses we seen wouldnt go by this!
 So enjoyed the beautiful scenery!
 We stayed until five so we could hear some of our friends band. They are a Bluegrass band.
They were good!! I bought one of Lukas Johnsons CDs. He is the one second from the right. A great young man, from a great family!
 Goodbye Skamania Fair, for another year!  This is from the main highway, going back out of town.


  1. Oh! and I forgot to mention, that we pigged out on Fair food, corn dog and curly fries brick! LOL Shave ice, Huckleberry and creamcheese elephant ears, and ice cream!!!

  2. sounds like you had a lovely day :) and that things were really enjoyable love the pictures :) x

    whew! Thats a little better.
    What wonderful pictures, almost makes me feel like I was there too!

  4. That is one of the fairs I've never been to. It looks like a nice, country fair and you're right about the surrounding scenery. Picture perfect! We are pushing 100 and it's about 1:30. Too hot for me! Tomorrow should be better, they say. For everyone's sake, and especially all the animals who can't escape it, I sure hope so! That's what I remember best about being a kid at fair time - hot weather!! I passed out and fell off my horse in an english class one time. Woke up feeling so cool...I was laying in the dirt!! Oh, the humiliation!! Remember those days? When you could fall and never get hurt, just your pride?
    :) Aahh, the good old days!!

  5. Our daughter, one of the first years showing her pony at the fair, was sitting in line up, and she seen how much hair was on her butt. Black pants.
    Well she kinda leaned over to brush it off some and tumbled off the side of her pony! So wish I had been able to get it on video!!! LOL but it was the end of the class, after dark. Still laugh about that to this day!

  6. Wow what fun you had!

    As for Frosty, yes, the owner pulled the calf and took her to be bred right away. The owner is new to the 'farm' business and really didn't have a clue as to why she would run off!
    Great catch there!

    Obviously you know animals!

  7. Poor Frosty! Yeah, there are only two reasons a cow blazes her own trail, to find a calf, or a bull!! LOL LOL (can always tell when the neighbors cows are in season, they dont shut up! LOL)
    We had some cows growing up, but I have never had any as an adult. Been around a few.


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