Saturday, August 25, 2012

Annual trip to Linda's Dahlias

I took Mom and Max and we went down to the Dahlia farm!!
Max was a really good boy! First time I had him out like that.
I think Dahlias are so exquisitely luscious! LOL

This is one that I chose to order this year. It is called Purple Mist, It really is more of a true purple and the tips are almost white. The color was not coming out in the pics.  I have such a thing for purple flowers! and I love the variegated ones too!
 Pom Pons

 There are so many that would make gorgeous wedding bouquets! Maybe not this one! LOL because it is a dinner plate, but the colors!!

 There are absolutely so many colors, shapes, sizes, patterns!!!!
If you could have heard us! LOL ooo look at this one, oh! look at this!! LOL
 The other one I chose is one like this, called Caribbean Fantasy, I love the bi colored ones too!! LOL Oh heck I love most of them!!!

 Mom and I both fell in love with this one, named, Spiderwoman! Alas it is not available for sale yet. We did mention that we liked it though and she wrote it down, sometimes we can get a surprise when we pick up the tubers in the Spring!
 My good little boy! He tangled me up a few times, but for the most part he was great! Until we were done and sitting up and chatting with Linda, he spotted a kitty, and wanted the kitty!! I told him the cat was bigger that he was and would kick his butt!!! LOL
 These just looked like fire!
 Some so sweet and soft.
 Others dont even look real!
 Yellow with white tips.
 Peaches and cream colors.
 This ones name is Santa Claus! LOL
 We loved these too! I caught a honey bee on this one.
 This star ones are so cool looking, they are about 6 inches in diameter.

 There are so many, it can get over whelming!!!

 Most of these last ones are in their seedling garden, and not for sale yet.

 This one was such a luscious red.
 From a distance it even really sticks out!
I controlled myself and only bought two new ones!!! I am going to have so many when I dig mine this Fall!  I wont have room for them all, and I will have to gift some!!!

I always enjoy going and looking at all of the flowers! Mom and I talked about going to Canby Or. and visiting Swan Island Dahlias, they have 40 acers!!! of flowers!!! OMG that would take all day!

Most of my flowers are coming on now!! I am always so excited to see what the first blooms look like!!
Christmas in August!! LOL

Hope you enjoyed this years trip to Linda's Dahlias . Check out the catalog!

I am thinking next year, I may try to enter some of my flowers, and the photos in the fair or fairs!

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