Friday, August 10, 2012

"Why we give our children horses"

Mugwump chronicles Mugs posted "Why we give our children horses". This got me to really thinking.

All I ever wanted, was to give my girls what I had, or more.

Our son, he was never into horses, his was a video game and lego world growing up.

Our girls, 5 years apart, we were able to have horses, and teach them to ride. Teach them to care for these large creatures that need us to feed them, clean up after them, and fix their owies. In return they give us affection and fun.

My only vacation for 13 years was the week of the county fair. Sara started showing Easy, in 4-H, when she was 9 years old, and also showed a rabbit. Meghan started at 4 years old, with Guinea pigs, a pygmy goat, then her pony and eventually, Mickey, then Easy, and on to High School Equestrian Team with Easy.

We were so lucky that none of our kids got into trouble, no alcohol or drugs. Even though, I am sure the opportunity was there. I would like to credit giving them horses as one of the reasons they made the right decisions. A work ethic, as many times as I fought with Meghan about cleaning her room, or cleaning stalls, I think it eventually sank in! LOL

John, our oldest, he eventually followed Sara, into the Air Force. Sara spent 6 years in, John is coming quickly up on his 6 years and the choice to stay in or not, I know he will make the right choice for himself.

I love all my kids, and am so proud of them.

Here are a few pictures down memory lane with the kids,

John and Meg, the first and last time he was home, after going in the service. Yes he is very tall, @6'3". Meg is 5'3". LOL that makes him a foot taller than his baby sister!
 Meg on Mickey.
 One of my favorite pics
 Meg and Mickey
 Sara and Easy
 An open show, showmanship, Sara and Easy. Easy looked so good! I think Sara is trying to get her foot back in place.
 Megs first open show blue ribbon! Bareback class. It was so hot they let the kids wear t-shirts.
 At the fair. Skamania fair is one of the only fairs where the dress code for horse showmen is dark pants and a white shirt!
 I always loved this pic, I was shouting for Meg, to get her pic, and the only one who looked at me was Mickey!! LOL
 Sara hosing Emma down. Em is 3 here.
 Sara at BMT, San Antonio, TX She is the one in the middle of the front two.
 Meg and Sara
 Meghan did a few Camas days Parades.
 Meg and Easy at State in Wenantchee Wa., For High School Equestrian Team.
 Meg on Emma, horse camp.
 Meghan with the Guide Dog she raised, Luxor. Notice her hand in the treat bag and his focus.
 Meg and Sara
 Meghan on her pony, Sugar.
 When Meg tried out her new saddle.
 When we got Dublin.
 Sara and her Hubby.
 Emma, LOL
Thanks for going along with me.
If you were able to, why did you give your children horses?


  1. I was able to share my horses with my sons and later on my mules also.

    My children showed in 4H chickens and horses. What wonderful memories!

  2. Thank you for sharing a wonderful part of your life with us. Your children are just beautiful!
    I did give my youngest son a horse, her name is Sassy. Then we have another that he rides as well. I was hoping it would give him something that he wanted to do in the summer time. But it seems she is more mine than his. Although she is nursing a broken coffin bone so there isn't much riding to be done on her. I am hoping that once he gets backk to being able to work with "his horse" instead of the old horse, he will take more interest. If not I will keep her for myself!
    Thanks again

  3. Awww, such special memories you and your family have! How lucky your kids were that you provided horses for their interests and hobbies.

    That last photo is so cute!


  4. Yes Val, a lot of wonderful memories.

    Thanks Cindy.

    I feel lucky Lisa, that I was able to.

  5. My kids had horses because they loved horses and wanted to be with them, from the time they were small - just like me! I wanted them to have some of the same wonderful experiences with horses that I had had.

  6. My kids didn't get horses :<. However, I grew up with horses -- such a good thing! I have a couple clients who they are such a powerful part of their healing. Thanks for sharing.


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