Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Love me some Dahlias....

Oh I do love my Dahlias!!
This one is Hubbys favorite, so far. In person it is a deep black burgundy. I dont know all of their names, but this one is called, Karma Choc.
 Love this very prolific striped one. Soft ball and a little larger sized. These are called Hollyhill Bewitched.
 Dinner plate! Around 12 inches in diameter!
 I think this one is my favorite.
 These are a smaller sized flower, beautiful shaded from yellow to orange to pink. Also my tallest plant!!
 Below I have a picture to try to show how tall this plant is!!
 A new favorite, wait, I think they are ALL my favorites!!  This lavender beauty has two blooms on it so far....
 It is frosted on the top, above, and darker on the back of the petals, below!
 This one is going to be a monster!! Another dinner plate! Yellow and orange striped. This one I believe is Forty Niner.
 another burgundy.
 I am reaching up and grabbing this one at my eye level. I am just shy of 5'7", the plant in the background is over 7 feet tall!!! They are so cool!! LOL LOL.
 That plant from a distance is very deceiving! Stakes and t-posts, and hay twine, to hold them up! When they get huge they will fall over in a strong wind.

 The "babies"  my new ones this year are just starting their first flowers, still have some that are only 6" tall, but they will grow!
 Lavender dinnerplate. These are so huge! The size of a cantaloupe!

 I am anxiously waiting for this one to bloom!!! My prize purchase from last year. Called Jokers Wild. (see it in the catalog below, it is bright red, with random white spots!) I will post pics when she opens up! A bloom is forming!!
I just love these plants! As soon as they are a foot or so tall, they are pretty hardy, they do need a lot of water though. The only problem I have is when they are sprouting the slugs love them. Oh and you have to dust once and awhile for earwigs.
You can go see more Dahlias at my favorite Dahlia farm, Lindas Dahlia catalog  You wont believe some of the colors and shapes!


  1. Beautiful!! I have really gotten into flowers this year. Love all the colors!!

  2. That second and 4th photo are GORGEOUS!

  3. Wow, your dahlias are beautiful! For some reason, I've never grown any, but may need to get me some. :) Those would make fantastic cut flowers, can't even imagine a melon-sized bloom. Aren't they usually fall bloomers???

  4. They are just lovely! What a selection your have there, too.
    They wouldn't survive our gusty Spring and breezy Summer and I bet they require lots of water.
    Most foofy flowers aren't hardy enough to live here in the mountains of New Mexico. I have to admire yours from afar.


  5. Paint girl, yes I have fallen in love with these beauties!
    Nicole, Thanks!

    C-ingspots, Dahlias bloom all Summer long! Until the first freeze, they do not like the cold.

    Lisa, I dont know how they would do in New Mexico, You could probably grow one in a pot though.

    Dahlias need to be dug in the Fall after a freeze. I was lucky I had so many make it through our wet Spring! They are suceptable to rot if it is to wet. Thus up here needing to be dug up. Plus the roots system is kind like Daffodils, you need to separate them and you get tons more!!!! The big ones have been in the ground for a year now, I need to dig them and separate, the tubers will be a foot or so in diameter!! Lots more flowers!!
    You cut them at the head of each bulb and let them air dry and store them in a media like vermiculite until frost danger is over in the Spring and plant them again!
    It take a bit of work but they are worth it!!


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