Monday, September 3, 2012

Update on Luke the Pig boy!

Update on my cousin Luke. He not only won the Market Hog Grand Champion, at the Kittitas County Fair and Rodeo, but he won Showmanship Intermediate Swine Showman Grand Champion!! His hog gained 2.0 lbs a day and Luke also placed 18th in the Judging contest. With all that he won the Bev Dekoning award that goes to the swine exhibitor with the highest combined points for those classes! That is the trophy he is holding there in the middle. On each side of him are his big brothers with his other trophies. He is pretty proud of himself and Mom and Dad even more so!!! He gets to keep the big trophy until next year, and his name will go on the nameplate for 2012. Pretty cool! It is his third year showing pigs in 4-H.

 Here he is with his winning performance in Showmanship.
He is pretty proud!! 
We went up there on Saturday and made it just in time to see him show!
I played tourist and I took a whole bunch of pictures!! More to come!


  1. Congratulations to Luke! That is an amazing accomplishment! I showed pigs once in 4-H for the round robin showmanship, and I found it not so easy to do. That is really cool to see how well he did!!

  2. It was so fun to be there to see him show!

  3. Yes Mikey! Pigs must be the most difficult animal to show!
    Those Round Robin kids have to get a crash course in showmanship with all the animals. Their own winning animal, lamb, goat, steer, and horse!
    Luke did good! LOL I told his Mom and Dad he did great, you can only cram so much information in a kids head in 24 hours!! LOL Only about 50% retention!!LOL


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