Monday, September 17, 2012

Touring the Kittitas County Fair

This is a long post! 
Of course I had to go through the horse barn! This guy was so cute!
 Harness room for the Draft horses that were there.
 A Shetland pony. Cute little guy. Show Shetland are so dainty compared to the backyard pony, LOL.
 This is a pretty pair of Spotted Draft horses!
 More Shetlands and a mini!
 Big and little.
 Donkey too!
 This black and white Paint is being shown by a novice 4-H girl. This little horses used to belong to my cousin and his wife, they were excited to see the girl show him. At the fair they had the novice kids, and a few open classes. I didnt see a show bill to see just what classes they were having. Novice, Open class breeds, Draft, etc.  They have the total 4-H, FFA horse show two weeks before the Fair.
 This goat was huge!! He is only 5 years old and a wether, alas I dont remember how much he weighs.
This deco barb wire was around a pond. I thought it was cool looking, as it is flat, not made of wire.
 Lots of area history at this fair. This quilt was a history of the area Cowgirls, I wish I had gotten more info.
 Thought this sign was cool, it stands at the entrance to an area that has old cabins from the area that they moved here for exhibit.
 Inside one of the homesteader cabins.

 The front door, the left side is the kitchen area.
 They all have historic or cute names, and full of artifacts. There were 2-3 people inside each one too, to give you all the info that you wanted about the times.
 Old tools.
 A book on a school desk.
 Inside the school house.
 A mantle in the store.

 It was fun to see all the stuff in the store.

Thats enough for now!!! a few more to go!


  1. Thanks for the tour, that was fantastic! You and I have the same taste, I thought every picture was very cool. Had to look outside and yes, my back yard Shetlands don't look like that, lol. Those are some pretty ponies :)

  2. Thanks Mikey!
    Yeah LOL show Shetland look like mini Arabs! LOL

  3. I just love the fair! Right now we're in the middle of State Fair and last week I helped my friend show her two spotted donkeys...Now THAT was an adventure! lol!

    My what a huge goat! My first though was that it would make a fine packing goat...but I bet it's destined for the freezer.

    I love log cabins and all that early history. Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in one?


  4. No I dont think he was headed for the freezer!! LOL He is a much loved pet!! LOL

    Donkeys are so dang cute!!

    The log cabins were pretty cool! It always amazes me as to the square footage that we insist we have to live in now!!!! They are so small!

  5. This post is wonderful for me! I'm an author, currently writing a Christian Western series set in Central Washington... I'm working on book 3 and the country music hero is taking kids to the fair, and you've given me a great view of it! The donkey pic caught my eye and your post and photos are clutch for an out-of-the-area author like me! I was in Cle Elum and Ellensburg in May, and fell in love. Gorgeous country. Thank you for giving me this peek into your fair!


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